Sunday, February 3, 2013

Africa: States of independence - The Scramble For Africa

Looking For The African Dream

 Colonization was not good for African people. The land was raped, the people slaughtered, exploited and demoralized. Now today, decades after liberation, in what condition do we find the people of Africa? Why? This video series paints a picture of some of the ordeals the people had to contend with as well as the obstacles that the people must still overcome. Watch it and see what you think about the things that went on and where you think it's likely to go. I like the way the state of the African people is presented objectively in this series Africa: States of independence. African people throughout the world can look at this and perhaps gain many useful insights. Keep in mind that this series was created several years ago, (I'm not exactly sure when) so we can watch and gage for ourselves which direction we think things are moving.

Click on the links below to see more of the Africa: States of independence series.

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