Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Obama Reelected! 4 More Years!

Obama Reelected!

Supporters Celebrate

 In spite of what was perceived as an attempt to suppress the Obama vote,  the Obama coalition made it to the polls in overwhelming numbers. They braved the long waits, veiled threats  and  the misinformation  in order to make their choice known. As Van Jones on CNN exclaimed "the coalition held!".  It did too  and looking at the faces of those celebrating that victory last night, it was clear that it was a victory that reflects the emergence of a new America. The faces were those of Americans whose racial backgrounds represented all of the continents, many different religious beliefs were represented, the different sexes and sexual preferences were present, the economic strata was well represented also -middle class- working class- working poor- and -pensioners and those in need of social assistance-,  as well as young voters who wish to demonstrate their vision of the future of their America.  It is clear that while the needs of these various groups can at times be different, they are prepared to make the effort to overcome their differences in order to continue and expand the American experiment. I believe that it is up to president Obama to nurture the continued cooperation among this diverse coalition of Americans, to work with them and to take the opportunity at hand to strengthen the bonds among the diverse groups that supported him, thereby bringing a cohesiveness that's been lacking, thus hindering the progress of this great nation. We will not be able to rebuild the country until we are working more or less toward the same goalss and this is where the government can take a key roll. I only hope the president will take the cue and engage the people. I believe that Americans for the most part are prepared to actively participate in partnership with their government  in order to heal the nations ills as long as it's not just a "top down" arrangement. Government and the people have access to social media making multidirectional communication quite cost effective. Open source solutions have worked in many corporate and working enviroments while being very cost effective at the same time.  There is no reason that some form of open source model can't be used in government.  Areas such as health and education could be enhanced quite creatively if openly addressed. The president has 4 more years to get this started. Let's all keep reminding him that we're all in this together.

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