Wednesday, October 31, 2012

South African Economic Equality?

This short video gives an impression of South Africa that had not been known in the past. Since I've never been to South Africa, it's difficult for me to say just how true a picture it paints.  I can only imagine the part that was left out. Where we see this black couple struggling to get a good education in the hopes that they might get a better menial job. This, contrasted with this relatively uneducated white family, who didn't need to worry too much about education because they were garranteed to be better off than any black people, by virtue of the fact that they were white. For these people things had to change. While some black South Africans must have benefited from the regime change. I can't see that the richest white people and the poorest black people have actually experienced any substancial changes in their circumstances thus far. How long do you think it will take until the economy of South Africa will level out and all the people will become the benefactors of it's natural wealth?

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