Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dr. John Henrik Clarke - The African World Under Seige

I've been finding quite a lot of material about and by dr. John Henrik Clarke the esteemed Afrikan historian on youtube lately, so I've been having the pleasure of sharing it with my blog readers. You don't have to wait for me to post it here, you can just go to youtube, do a search under his name and you will find enough to keep you busy for a long time if your are truly interested in the history of the people of Afrika.
  As ususal I believe dr. Clarke's message in this video to be relevant and timely. This particular lecture is directed to Afrikans on the continent and throughout the world.  He has some suggestions about how we might use awareness of some of the old ways in order to improve our circumstances in the world. Our relationship to a particular part of the globe does not change the fact of our being Afrikans dr. Clarke points out. Even in Afrika there is so much that needs to be done that the likelyhood of it happening will increase with the participation of all of us. None of us have been left untouched (in very similar ways), by the ravages of transatlantic slavery and colonialism He stresses economic unity, productivity and sacrifice throughout the diaspora, as a means to work our way to a more stable position among people of the world.  I would suggest watching this and then taking a close look at the present day map of Afrika, then the news reports of the past year in Afrika and then your local news, about the people belonging to the Afrikan diaspora in your part of the world. What do you see?

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