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Miss Louise Bennett

Miss Lou

Born September 7, 1919.   Died July 26, 2006

Miss Lou, was a celebrated Jamaican comedienne, poet and cultural icon, her work, as was her life, was seen to be the essence of Jamaican expression. 

 Bennett was extremely well known for her radio programs -Laugh with Louise, Miss Lou's Views and The Lou and Ranny Show as well as the 1970s TV program Ring Ding which was popular with children across the island.

 Miss Lou was loved and revered by Jamaicans of every social stripe.

See her complete bio here.

by Louise Bennett
This poem re-stages a tracing match (quarrel) between two
Jamaican women. Common cuss-words like "boogooyagga" (low-grade) "heng-pon-nail " (bedraggled) are used.

Gwan gal yuh fava teggereg,
Ah wey yuh gwine goh do?
Yuh an yuh boogooyagga fren
Dem tink me fraid o' yuh?

Goh wey, yuh fava heng-pon-nail,
Is me yuh want fe trace?
Me is jus de one fi teck me han
An leggo pon yuh face.

Fe me han noh jine chu ch an me naw
Pay licen fe me mout',
Me wi tell yuh bout yuh--se yah
Gal noh badda get me out.

Me noh know is wat kine o' chu'ch
Fe yuh mout' coulda jine,
Yuh lip dem heng dung lacka wen
Mule kean meck up him mine.

Gwan, me an yuh noh combolo,
Yuh foot shapeless an lang
Like smaddy stan far fiing dem awn
An meck dem heng awn wrang.

Fe yuh foot fava capital K,
Koo pon yuh two nose-hole!
Dem dis big an open out like
Miss Tane outsize fish bowl.

Goh wey, yuh kean bwile sof egg
But still yuh want get ring,
Noh man na gwine fe married yuh
Wen yuh kean do a ting.

Is grudge yuh grudgeful, me kean cook
But me ben goh dah good school,
Me got intelligency yuh
Illiterated fool !

Me sorry fe de man yuh get
De po' ting hooden nyam
When you ackebus him salt-fish
An bwilivous him yam.......

Reference: Louise Bennett
Author name: 
Bennett, Louise

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BuzzNewYork said...

Brings back some good memories of when I was a child in Jamaica.