Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Black Women's History Month - The Internet

The WebDiva

 Back in the mid 1990's there used to be a sista online named Sandra Hall, aka (the WebDiva) her site was the most impressive grouping of Afro-related links that had ever been seen online. Although it's long gone, you'll still find the occasional reference to her and her site, The WebDivas Infocenter, on some of the sites that are still around from the old days.

 Well I'm here to declare, that there is a new WebDiva on line. She's smart, she's good lookin',  she's talented, she's ambitious, she's creative and she's on the move.

 Her name is Jessica Ann Michell and I dare say, if there are more like her coming along, then we can look forward to an Afro Internet Renaissance.

 Ms. Mitchell is of course, as we would expect any "Renaissance Woman" to be, multi-talented. She is  a scholar, poet, playwright, entrepreneur, creator of Black social media, 
a writer and public service volunteer.

She has travelled to several African countries and the Dominican Repulic.

 Mitchell is the owner of The Black Blogger Network and Black Bloggers Connect. These two undertakings alone can potentially revolutionize Black Blogging. I have for years been blogging more or less in a vaacuum, for lack of an easy way to network with other Afrocentric blogs and now that has all changed. I hope to see some interesting collaborative projects coming out of these networks not to mention the extended outreach that the networks make possible.

 Jessica  has a Bachelor’s Degree in African World Studies, a Masters Degree in Pan African Studies and is currently studying to obtain her Masters Degree in Public Relations at Syracuse University.

Ms. Mitchell is also the CEO of Lamzu Media LLC, a consultancy firm that aids companies in directing their online reach to their appropriate target audience.

Look out world, here comes Jessica Ann Mitchell

Click here to listen to an interview on Vibe and Vegas Show

See the clips below for a glimpse of Ms. Mitchell's artictic side.


Mr. Congo said...

Both sites are great, with tremendous potential.

Prospector said...

You're absolutely right. Now it's up to the members (us) to take it to the next level. said...

Yes we need more people with Mitchelle's and The Web Diva's sensibilities on the web. Here is an internet archive of The Web Diva's page: