Wednesday, March 16, 2011

'Open Letter to Lil Wayne' Little Girls Speak Out

Watoto From The Nile is a group of young sisters ages 10, 9, and 5.
According to a brief bio on their website, Watoto From The Nile “have come together to create inspirational music for the whole family but primarily the youth of our communities. They are all still in elementary school and have already grown tired of the stereotypical Disney channel songs that never focus on the plight of Black Children around the world.”
[watoto is Kiswahili for children]

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lord vegan said...

SOLID!! i got into a heavy debate w/my 11-year-young nephew about him listening to toxic and oppressive music. the exchange actually involved my entire family and it was well worth having to say the least. i used this video to illustrate the negative affects of us oppressive and pervasive music. i listened to this program today: and it certainly gives me hope for the youth of today.