Monday, February 28, 2011

Remembering the Jena 6

Reed (my lips) Walters

              By the web prospector

My name is Reed Walters and Aa’m here to say,
y’all forget them nooses, our white boys must play.
Y’all forget the lynchings and beatin’s and rapes.
And lives that were broken, on southern landscapes

It’s in-a-pro-priate behavior you see
For you all to protest up under that tree.
Don’t ch’all forget the words that I spoke,
Now y’all gettin’ too uppity, over a joke.

I don’t want to hear of these nooses you see
And furthermore folks, let’s get rid of this tree
No more talk about nooses, not ever again
If you do do, Ill just finish your life with my pen.

Now you three young hoodlums, that took that mans gun
You’re gonna be punished for spoilin’ his fun
You can’t jus take someones own propty ya see
You must learn your lesson, about that, from me.

A black boy was beat at a party you say?
And just what was he doin’, over that way?
Well never you mind, weren’t no real harm done
I’m sure that the youngsters wuz jus havin’ fun.

Looky here, oh my God, look what you done did.
You done brutally  assaulted this poor young white kid
More like murdered or tried to it seems like to me.
 (If  we still had the nooses, if we still had the tree)

Well we do have the court and I’ve got this here pen
Y’all boys ain’t gon never see daylight again

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