Thursday, February 3, 2011

Black History Month - Where is the Change?

The Breaking of Fredrick Douglass

When Frederick was about sixteen, he was placed under the control of Edward Covey, a small farmer reputed to have the ability to break a slave’s spirit.  Frederick was whipped repeatedly, and very nearly was “broken” in spirit until one day he fought back – defensively, not striking Covey, because that would likely have gotten him severely punished, possibly killed – but by simply fending off the farmer’s attack.  The contest lasted about two hours, when Covey called it off, and he never attempted to beat Frederick again.

Jared Ball and Ishmael Reed (discuss) Reed's book
Obama, Jim Crow Media and the Return of the Ni**er Breakers  (Click here to listen or download)

We can use more open discussions of this kind, since mass media does seem to have an agenda that doesn't include the improvement of our condition. While Mr. Reed and Mr. Ball are not always on the same page, in my opinion, they are both looking toward similar endings. Hopefully we will be able to get more input from the listening audience in discussions of this kind. Better yet, I hope this will stimulate more of us to participate in similar discussions of our own. 

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