Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Schlessinger To Leave Radio Following N-Word Fracas

 Dr. Laura cited "hateful special interest groups" as the reason for her getting out of radio. She feels her first amendment rights have been violated.

 She said she's tired of being threatened by these hateful groups who, even though she apologized, want to persist in attacking her ability to earn a living. She said she's going to the internet where she can be free to express herself.

 Now, what really happened? Who is really under attack? How will the internet change things for Schlessinger?

First of all Schlessinger I doubt if going to the internet with her own money. She will still have no doubt plenty of commercial sponsorship. Was she planning on getting out of radio already and using this event as an excuse? Did she create the situation on purpose in order to foment the reaction of the "special interest groups? Let's not forget she has been on radio for umpteen years and has plenty enough media saavy to forsee the result of her recent action. Before we go taking things at face value, we need to create a healthy  skeptical attitude and then examine the situation  very carefully. IMO Schlessinger and her sponsors would love to demonize and silence these "special interest groups" this move looks like a good start from where I sit. What do you think?

Media Matters For America

August 12, 2010 7:02 pm ET by Jeremy Holden

On August 10, Dr. Laura Schlessinger launched into a racially charged rant, during which Schlessinger -- in her own words -- "articulated the 'n' word all the way out -- more than one time." Among other things, Schlessinger also told an African-American caller that she had a "chip on [her] shoulder." Schlessinger has since apologized for her remarks, but audio from the discussion appears to have been excised from the recording of that day's show that appears on Schlessinger's website. Media Matters has obtained full audio of Schlessinger's comments:

FULL AUDIO: Dr. Laura Schlessinger

 Schlessinger said something that caught my attention much more than the word nigger.
She said 
I really thought once we had a black president, the attempt to demonize whites hating blacks would stop, but it seems to have grown. And I don't get it. Yes, I do. It's all about power.
This statement is so typical of ignorant white folks. Imagine, Black folk are demonizing whites now.
This is why whites are the last hired and the first fired. Why the prisons are overflowing with white folks doing hard time for crimes that Black people are slapped on the hand for. Why whites are profiled by police or why whites don't receive equal pay for equal work.  Everyone knows a white man can't get the best rates on a loan. They don't even have a month dedicated to their own history. We really should be ashamed of ourselves for treating our whites so badly.  Some day we're going to have to pay dearly for the way we've been treating them, over these last few centuries, mark my words.

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