Sunday, May 9, 2010

KRS-One Lecture - Black Media Archive

I just listened to a great lecture given by Hip Hop Ambassador  KRS-One
at Temple University in April 2004. I reccommend it to all you youngsters and OGs.
It's titled "Hip-Hop Beyond Entertainment"

Part 1
Part 2
Click the above links to view this informative lecture.

 The lecture is just a small part of a collection of African and African-American history, including speeches, archival video, movies, music, and more, to be found on the Black Media Archive Podcast.

It's come to my attention that as of lately the Black Media Archive content may be found on iTunes. I'm so glad it's still available. I recommend you go and listen and download what interests you because there is a lot of very interesting vintage material as far as the African American Community is concerned.

KRS-One Pictures

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