Monday, May 3, 2010

Acting White: Harvard Law Student Kicks Up Racial Ruckus

Acting White: Harvard Law Student Kicks Up Racial Ruckus

The debate must be allowed to happen. All of the factors must be taken into account. The socio-economic circumstances, the historical facts (including African History) all need to be shown the light of day before we can settle this debate once and for all.

Personally I believe that there are some powerful actors in this saga that don't want the true details to come out . IMO this is the reason that every time something controversial is expressed regarding the intelligence of African American (these days), they mussle and/or villify those who have these thoughts. This reaction will not change the beliefs of anyone, it will just drive the expression of those beliefs beneath the surface, where they smolder until they can be released in a quite possibly much more destructive manner.
I don't believe I need to be too graphic, we only need to look back 60 or 70 years (1 or so generation) to get a picture of what the American public is capable of at home.

Projects such as Urban Prep Charter School, Children's Defense Fund and The Harlem Children's Zone are shining examples of what results when effort is put on educating rather than incarcerating young Black people. We all have to get in the struggle and increase the awareness and number of such institutions. The motivation needn't be to prove to white folks that African Americans are as intelligent as anyone in the world, we only need to prove it to ourselves, then it will be evident to everyone else.

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