Friday, March 13, 2009

Total Black TV

Total Black TV is a fresh, Web 2.0 venture directed at the Black Collective.

You can upload, download, watch, buy and sell your video productions.

Somewhere I've seen it compared to youtube but it is more than a copy of youtube.

This appears to be their mission statement;

Finally! That’s all I can say! Finally, there is a website that challenges the mind and our everyday perception of the world around us. Total Black TV allows me to express myself freely and without restriction. Within this productive atmosphere I feel I am understood, and supported. Total Black TV is a breeding place for thoughtful conversation and exciting yet controversial news. Log on to to share YOUR ideas on topics YOU care about. Don’t forget about our sister site, for all your social networking needs.

Some comments I came up with doing a google search;

I say welcome, to another vehicule that has been made available for us to use to, tell ourstory. Total Black TV has the potential to be a very important tool in the unification of The Black Collective but potential is nothing unless it's put into motion. Use it or lose it!

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