Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Who said racism was dead?

 An I saw article on Afro-Netizen serves as a harsh reminder that good ol' American style racism has not in fact breathed it's last breath. I don't know how many Americans this cyclist's t-shirt slogan speaks for but it has to be too many.

 The lines are being drawn and I'm not sure where the whole thing is headed but it feels to me like we're not going in the right direction. All the conditions for facism or even worse, seem to be dropping into place. Civil rights appear to be going into lock-down or lock-out, money is being taken out of circulation or at least being re-distributed among the few, sizable minorities of the population are being vilified or demonized and the populace is almost totally dependent on a limited number of corporations for everything they/we need.  This means that if you don't play ball with those pulling the strings they are in a position to simply cut you out of the supply chain.
 If you're too much of a threat, there are new prisons or containment centers apparently under construction even now. 

 Anyone else worried?

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