Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ramirez-Sliwinski, Monkeys? shrug

Linda  Ramirez-Sliwinski The Obama  delegate accused of calling Black children monkeys.

   "I went over to the kids and told them to get out of the tree," Ramirez Sliwinski said.

   The father of one of the boys told her it was none of her business, she said, and "I calmly said 
the tree is not there for them to be climbing in there like monkeys."

  I doubt if she meant anything by it, other than it wasn't safe for the children to play in the trees, but then I wasn't there.

  One thing for certain, we have a lot more to be concerned about, than neighbors worrying about our children's safety.


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Anonymous said...

I remember this story. The media was ready to run with it and tie it to the democratic party.
Its rough that so many people are already on the edge and feel like every word spoken can be racially charged.
Some people need to use common sense when talking to someone, and others need some sense when being spoken to.
The MSM just needs to stfu on this one and try and focus on the shit that actually deserves to be talked about.