Monday, January 14, 2008

What About Our Daughters

 What About Our Daughters is a no-brainer to add here. I can't imagine someone reading this who wouldn't have heard of this blog already but if you haven't you should.  So, here it is. 

 I'm not a woman myself but I appreciate the heart that Gina the author of this blog displays. 
She is creating a focal point for African American Womanhood the likes of which has been necessary for a long time. She's attracting an active, intelligent group of women (and men) whom I can see definitely intend to make a difference and are leaving no obstacles standing in their path.

Covering issues, of health, children, politics, community, economics, relationships, abuse and more, What About Our Daughters is IMHO, one of the most important Black locales on the internet today. As if that's not enough, the associated podcast The Black Women's Roundtable is to podcasting what WAOD is to blogging. 
You Go Sisters!

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