Friday, January 11, 2008


Welcome to the Black Media Mine.
The title is pretty much self explanatory. My objective, is to share information in the form of digital media, be it audio, video, print or other, that I find on the internet, concerning the people of African descent, with the emphasis on, but not limiting myself to Black Americans.

I have been present online since the BBS days and have been collecting bookmarks 'til they either die of old age or fade from my memory or just get lost among thousands of other equally interesting but otherwise unused (at least by me) gems created by, for and about our people.
From what I read about the nature of the blog this appears to be a good way to get the information dug up and out in the open for the following reasons.
  1. The Black Blogosphere is growing at good rate.
  2. The information is more easily accessed as an archive.
  3. The more links there are to a site the more prominent it is.
  4. There is more content than ever before.

I hope to enlist the help of you my fellow Cybernauts and make this a place where true gems of information can be found.

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