Sunday, February 19, 2012

iMiXWHATiLiKE - Mixtapes for the Masses

Those of you that are interested in the activist arena of the Hip Hop Nation I have to point you to Voxunion. You can expect to find;

Emancipatory (Mixtape) Journalism

Dynamic interviews, stimulating music and much more is what you can expect here.

Did I mention Hip Hop like it was meant to be. The voice of our people.


Above you see a review from a couple of years ago the site has changed.

Still dynamic and stimulating Voxunion has been evolving over the years. The information above is from
January 2008 so it's time for an update. Prof. Jared ball has not been gathering any moss. One very interesting development is his affiliation with journalist Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report. This is, in my opinion, a propitious union if there ever was one. I hope to see more from these two protagonists of African American media. ----------  Keep up the good work my brothers.

D.J.  Professor Jared Ball

As for the Voxunion site they have brought it up to standards that reflect the evolution of the tools available on (web 2.0) as well as offering more in depth content, news, opinions and inspirational ideas for those of us who wish to avail ourselves of this media. 
This has since become I Mix What I Like
Listen Here since the following video is gone.

Check it out for yourself.   iMiXWHATiLiKE

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