Wednesday, August 30, 2023

To Fred Hampton

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Fredrick Allen Hampton Sr. (August 30, 1948 – December 4, 1969)

In the Tumultuous Embrace 


 In the heart of Chicago, where dreams meet strife, 
 A leader emerged, a voice for black life. 
 Fred Hampton, his name, a symbol of might, 
 The Chairman of Panthers, the beacon of light. 
 Born '48, in Baton Rouge's land, 
 Where a seed of purpose took root and did stand. 
 From humble beginnings, his spirit did rise, 
 To challenge injustice with unyielding eyes. 
 A charismatic orator, words flowed like a stream, 
 Inspiring the masses to rise from the dream. 
 Organizing the people, awakening the soul, 
 Fred Hampton's fire engulfed the whole. 
 In the concrete jungles, where hope was unseen, 
 He fought for equality, a vision so keen. 
 He fed the hungry, uplifted the poor, 
 For justice and freedom, he opened the door. 
 With the Black Panther Party by his side, 
 Fred Hampton fought tirelessly, never to hide. 
 He spoke of unity, across colors and creeds, 
 Championing justice, planting empowering seeds. 
 But forces unseen felt threatened by his power, 
 The establishment's fear grew with each passing hour. 
 On a fateful December night, darkness befell, 
 As tragedy struck, a story too cruel to tell. 
 In the depths of slumber, innocence embraced, 
 An act of betrayal shattered the sacred space. 
 The life of a leader, cut short in its prime, 
 Silenced by bullets in the hands of a crime. 
 But his spirit, unyielding, continued to soar, 
 Inspiring generations, forevermore. 
 Fred Hampton's legacy, in the annals of time, 
 A reminder of courage, in the face of the crime. 
 In the echoes of struggle, his voice shall remain, 
 A call for justice, an eternal refrain. 
 We honor his memory, as we march hand in hand, 
 For the dreams he ignited, shall forever withstand. 
 Though stolen from us, in the prime of his might, 
 Fred Hampton's flame burns ever so bright. 
 In the fight for freedom, we carry his name, 
 In the pursuit of justice, we'll never be tamed. 
 In the tumultuous embrace of history's plight, 
 Fred Hampton's spirit shall forever take flight. 
 And as we march onward, in the quest to be free, 
 We'll remember his vision, for unity we decree. 

Thursday, February 2, 2023

Martin Luther King. Dream has become a Nightmare


In this video, recorded 11 months before his assassination

 Dr. King mentions, the three evils that America must address;

Poverty, racism and militarism. It seems like America still has a way to go.